teacher of intuition and manifestation, she is not your average psychic.

Truths & Myths

Lack of knowledge leaves us unarmed.

     The sad truth is that we have been told or shown things a certain way that we have come to believe them without merit or confirmation. Coming from a religious background I was lead to believe that a psychic is a fortune teller and that is a sin. Not to mention and this might come as a surprise to some but even someone as out there like myself could not possibly wrap my head around laying down some cards, or swirling your hand around a crystal ball like in the movies, could come anywhere close to being legitimate. The truth is I still don’t believe that illusion is real. 


The reality is that the "version" of what a "psychic" has been portrayed to be is totally and completely a load of crap and is not real. Of course that might explain why so many people try to debunk it.

The sad truth however is that being perceptive, being able to see things in a different light, being able to feel everything another person is feeling is very much a possibility and reality.

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship or had a family and knew when someone was coming home because they could feel them, or knew when they were unhappy or mad, or sad or confused without them saying a word can testify that it is a possibility. Seeing as how any one of you reading this have had those feelings once or twice in your life, I would have to say you personally can testify that it makes sense, if you think about it you could say it is a probability.

Think about this, if there is a remote possibility that God exists. That there is something past dying. That you do not just turn to dust and evaporate, with no reason for your existence at all. Then how does it not make sense that there are people that can feel, understand and communicate with what many would class as heaven.

Now take that a step further for just a moment with me, if there is more out there and that more is not restricted by their bodies, if the theory is correct that there is life after death, no more personal. If you had life after death, would you want to stay mute for all eternity? Have no one hear what you know? Share with no one your understandings from there? Not help the man kind you left?

Look at natural disaster; it is our nature, our need to help strangers we don’t know here on earth, if you were passed on would you not want to communicate with those you love? Help any way you can? Not many people are going to say no here.

There are masterminds through out our entire history. Brilliant off the chart people with ideas that have revolutionized our world and it is a hard stretch to believe that a person’s brain has the ability to expand past the typical limits and find answers we are searching for?

See the problem is not whether it is possible, we all know or would have to come the conclusion that it is. The problem is just like Newton was classed as crazy, people have created a fictitious knowledge base about what a "psychic" is and what they can do.

It really is the movies when a gypsy runs her hands over the crystal ball and oooooooooooo tells you your future. It really is not true that we are witches and can cast a spell on you and it is not possible to make things happen for someone else.

Like any other type of work in this world there truly is phony people trying to make a buck off of someone else’s needs. That cannot be surprising, financial institutions make money off of your hard work, not a slam just reality. There are criminals everywhere, why wouldn’t their be fake psychics?  

Just like it is not true that every politician is corrupt , not every psychic is a fraud and just like politicians that get labeled for the ones who don’t care and take advantage so do the real psychics.

Anyone can learn to become more aware, to broaden their mind capability just like believe it or not everyone with the same training can sing, sure for some it is easier than others.

The truth is that a "psychic" no matter what the form, Clairvoyant, Empathetic, reader, seer, whatever starts from a place of unconditional love. We start with a sense of caring that reaches beyond, color, size, looks, surface.

When you truly care about someone you can easily see past the "exterior" what is shown and can see what you know. The real person, the inside workings, that make them who they are.

If you are not emotionally involved with that person and this is for the record where the "psychic" part comes in then it is not complicated to see where their road is headed. Just like if you are not emotionally involved with the loved one who is sitting in heaven it is easier to communicate with them. There is no fear, love, cynicism, emotion that gets in the way of being able to hear them.

Have you not ever been somewhere and felt like you were not alone? Or had a feeling you should call someone or say something, maybe do something. We all do it, but unlike when you are involved a "psychic" or what I prefer "intuitive" does not have the fear to get in the way.

Don’t fool yourself, I can't tell my future. I am no different than you I can hardly tell my present and my past hurts just as much as some of yours. An Intuitive is no different than anyone else.

When you get past the barrier of the emotion, it is easier to create a plan, find a solution and guide someone into a direction. "Psychic" is simply another form of how our mind works. Like everything else there is a little more to it but that is where people get the most lost.

The reason people go to us is not so that we can brain wash them, it is so we can help. Life takes over and as most know can get a little out of hand. You can go see a therapist and work through it on your own after years and years or you can go see someone that can get through the crap and give you the tools you need to get going, faster, with less pain and less confusion.  

Psychics can be wrong, we are only human, but when you don’t follow the advice how can you get the result? Just like loosing weight there is NO MAGIC PILL! Only tools, and with the right advice the tools are easy to use! A psychic simply makes it make sense!

There you have it, the truth about psychics, at least the easiest way to understand them. If you can't wrap your mind about a mathematician or a scientist you are never going to fully wrap your mind around the brains potential.

It’s up to you what you believe. I can't convince you nor sway you, all I can say is I am a "psychic" and I can guarantee there is nothing freaky or godly or evil about me or anyone else that genuinely cares enough to look into your future.

Like a dear friend of mine wrote : KJ is a friend to some, confidant to most and counselor to others. But she's real, and has her own life to live.

Psychics/Clairvoyants/readers are real. It is the gypsy costumes, the "I channel Arch Angel Michael" "oooo I can save your life" "mystical misunderstandings" that is a load of crap! In my opinion…

-Kjarlune Rae