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For all sessions:

Pictures for who you want to talk about are needed for Kjarlune to get a direct link to them and of course pictures of any loved ones crossed over to see if we can get some messages. Kleenex is needed most of the time and always keep in mine KJ wants to make sure you are going in the right direction so she will naturally set you on the best path for your life and your goals.

Phone Sessions:

Please make sure to read your email after booking for policies and procedures.

Recording your session is very beneficial for you. So much information can be overwhelming and most clients like to listen again and again. Android apps that work for recording are AUTOMATIC CALL RECORDER and TAPE A CALL. IPhone apps that work are TAPE A CALL and GOOGLE VOICE. We DO NOT offer tech support the above mentioned applications for recording your session.

Video Sessions:

These are Kjarlune's favorite and your best investment. Seeing you, feeling you through video makes Kjarlune's sessions better and even more accurate and in-tune.

By going to Kjarlune's private video chat (link provided in your confirmation email with instructions) you will be placed in a waiting room to chat with Kjarlune. Clients are asked to login at least 15 minutes prior to avoid missing their session. Kjarlune gives direction and tools in a one hour session that could turn everything around. A recording your video session could be invaluable and a great way to be able to make sure you get everything you need even after your session. For an additional $5 per session we will record your video session and make it available for you to download and keep it on your computer.

 Kjarlune Rae looks forward to meeting you and helping you through your struggles.

“The quality of your appointment will depend solely on the requirements for your phone/video appointment being met.” Pictures are a requirement for all phone appointments and if they are not sent prior to your appointment your APPOINTMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED A NO SHOW AND THERE WILL BE NO REFUND AND NO RESCHEDULE. Sorry for the inconvenience, I am very good at what I do but even I have limitations and without your pictures or at least a picture of you, I can’t guarantee any information. My reputation has been earned over many years and I cancel appointments if I am off that day. I do everything in my power to make sure you get an amazing session but need you to also do your part. 


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