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Client Testimonials


You are truly and inspiration to me and others that you continue to bless with your insight, light and love. I would love to have a reading sometime in the near future. I live in Calgary and hope that I could come and see you soon. Thank you for being who you are.


Hi KJ! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all you helped me work through today! It was wonderful meeting you, and you definately have given me a lot to think about!!!

Maybe its the OCD in me but I have been thinking and researching all day, and have found a journalism school in Toronto that I am going to apply too! Also thought you might like to know that Kennedy (my best friend from when I was little) and I are planning to go on a girls trip and see the school within the month!!!

Hopefully you have a good feeling about this!

Take care, and thanks again!


I listen to you on 101.5 Sunday evenings, I find you to be amazing. I have tried to get through but have been unable to, I was wondering if you do one on one readings and if so when would you be available for one. Please let me know. Thank you


Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you. I was the one that called in last night about my father passing away 12 years ago, and lately I see wild rabbits. When I got off the phone with you, I felt as though grief was lifted off my shoulders and I could actually feel it leaving. Then if was a sense of peace. I was always asking him for signs, and you confirmed it

Thank you very much

-Therese Slinger

Hi Kjarlune, I wanted to say I am a fan of your radio show and I think it is wonderful that you are able to share your gift with others.


Hi Kjarlune! Thank you so much for taking my call on Monday! God has it been rough!

I read your story of the day and it made me break down, as I have been trying to be strong through out this hole thing, yet feeling guilty as I “break down” because how dare I feel sorry for myself.

After talking with you last nite, I readjusted my way of thinking and I have to say, I finally had a good nite’s sleep. I woke up in a different mind set….happy!!!

I just got a call from a law firm I interviewed with in November and they want to meet with me tomorrow. She wants to expedite it and instead of having 2 interviews, have everyone there for one. Even if it doesn't work out, I feel so much better and I know I have nothing to worry about. I'm too stubborn not to get myself out of this and to prevail. Every once in a while, I need a good kick in the butt.

You are an amazing woman….I am so glad to have met you!!!

I will let you know…WHICH job I decide to take!!!

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with your radio show once before, as well as in person. Tonight I made the lightening round. Finally I got to hear something I was hoping to hear, instead of getting a firm, yet gentle (& deserved) ass kicking from you! Each time I’ve walked away, committed to working on myself and getting things to where they needed to be, even though at times I’ve been skeptical (which is in my nature at times.) While I’m still working away, it’s nice to see things slowly falling into place. I have a story to share with you, that for me at least is kinda cool…

Back in January, you told me to find a piece of green amber to wear around my neck. At first I was thinking “What the…?!?” but started looking for a piece. I ended up buying myself an early Valentine’s gift of a green amber pendant. When I saw you at your show in February, you immediately commented on it.

Since then, I wear it all the time. However every time I’ve gone on more than a couple of dates with a guy, I have lost my necklace and pendant. Shortly after I stop seeing them, it turns up in an obvious place that I swear I have checked a million times.

My new relationship is very new & moving incredibly slowly and innocently. But *I* feel different and things that I usually struggle with in early days of relationships seem much easier. Surprisingly I’m not bothered by the slow. I also still have my pendant. 😉 I was glad to hear that you’re feeling positive about it (as long as I can find that balance between pigheaded & emotional – and boy oh boy is that a difficult task! I think I’m up for it though.) Just at that stage where I need to decide whether to start focusing on one person, or keep up the casual dating with other people, so the reassurance that what my gut’s been trying to tell me is right was much appreciated!

Thank you beautiful lady! (Also thanks for reading all my blah blah blah. I’m sure it gets old some days.)


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