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Be In Love


 This is a biweekly 6 month program where we tear apart every road block, struggle, emotional and physical wall getting in the way of finding your true love. You are not going to like this, but if you were truly ready, truly believed in love for you it would already be happening. If we have had sessions and I have told you they are coming more then once and it has not happened yet, my accuracy is not the issue. You have fears, beliefs and emotional struggles getting in the way. Notice in advance I did not say physical ones. Ladies it is not that extra weight preventing you. Trust me on this one. Met my twin soul at 500 pounds, and he was not and is not attracted to big women, so get out of your head and let me help you. (First session is 2 hours then 1 hour sessions biweekly with steps to take on your own till next session.)  No I will not make you join online dating, if we fix your emotional shit you won't need to join anything! Hell I even know of a client who started dating her roommate! Seriously my friends love is everywhere, so finding it isn't the problem. You can be a work addict, self recluse, picky, crazy person and still fall in love.


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