teacher of intuition and manifestation, she is not your average psychic.

Be Coaching


First the most important question you should ask yourself is why you would come to me for coaching, the reason is actually pretty easy. 

I am a therapist, E.M.D.R specialist, psychologist, hypnotherapist, with 35 years of experience as a clairvoyant. What does that mean for you? It means therapy or coaching on speed.

It means I know our desires, road blocks, set backs, triggers, hidden Pandora boxes of past trauma's and purpose. We get to not only save time trying to figure those out but I can work around them and in them, so you can reach your goals. After all I have been doing it in your readings for 35 years.  

So imagine if you will talking to me anywhere from biweekly to weekly, having a set program that gets you through those triggers and road blocks, and you reach the goals too, where as in a reading I simply  tell you if they are possible give a couple of steps and you are left to your own devices.

How many of you have said you wish you had me in your back pocket? Now you can!

Here are a few important questions before I share the types of Be Coaching I offer.

1. Do you feel like you have no idea where to start in reaching your goals, knowing what your goals are, simply moving forward in life?

Be Coaching options (Info about them below)

Be Inspired.

Be In tune

Be Fucking Fabulous

2. Have a huge desire, know what you want to build? Want to create your own successful business, or want to build your business to new heights, huge goals and lifestyle freedom?

Be Coaching options (Info about them below) 

Be Fucking Fabulous

Be Inspired

3. Feeling paralyzed? Fear is  Wining? Lost, confused? Anxiety, emotional depression and           physical ailments/conditions.

Be Coaching options (Info about them below)

Be Inspired

Be In tune

4. Want a relationship? Tired of feeling like your looking but can't find? Tired of being lonely? Or really want love but past relationships have shown you love doesn't last?(Info about them below)

Be Coaching options (Info about them below)

Be In love

5. Last one for now. In a relationship, but the two of you are not working together, reaching our goals as a team? Feeling like we are living apart, together? Don't feel understood? Want this         relationship to be amazing but not sure how?

Be Coaching options (Info about them below)

Be In love Couple (This one takes both to be committed.)


Be what you want.

Be Inspired


 This is a weekly 12 week emotional reprogram. (before choosing this one also look at Be Fucking Fabulous)

Be In Tune


 This is a weekly or biweekly, you get to choose, 13 week program that focuses solely on developing your own personal intuition. 

Be Fucking Fabulous


 One year of biweekly goal setting, working past fears, reaching dreams, intense business coaching. 

Be In Love


 This is a biweekly 6 month program where we tear apart every road block, struggle, emotional and physical wall getting in the way of finding your true love. 

Be In Love Couples


 Become the perfect team, communicate, understand, fall madly in love all over again and if you use the steps your shown, stay that way FOREVER!