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teacher of intuition and manifestation, she is not your average psychic.

About Kjarlune Rae


  Kjarlune Rae is a teacher, radio personality, uncensored straight goods, no B.S. kind of girl. Not only do you find out about your future, but you find out how to make it happen. No struggle, easy tools to make your life EVERYTHING you want it to be. You can keep complaining, keep struggling, or you can use the tools that work from the places that you know. Your Universe, Your soul family, Your guides. The true art of the Law of Attraction! Kjarlune has been classed as Canada’s Top Clairvoyant for over 25 years working with police and parapsychologists all over the world. With a repertoire of thousands of cases solved to date Kjarlune has had the pleasure of working with a vast clientele from all over the world. Dubai, Mexico, United states, England, Canada, India, South America just to name a few.

Kjarlune Rae: 

 "It doesn’t matter how many times I have felt that I had a bad childhood. There will always be someone who had it worse. I can not tell you that I was raised in poverty or left on a doorstep unwanted and unloved, my story is of a different sadness.

  Growing up in a normal dysfunctional home with regular issues is where I come from. Food on the table and a nice warm bed to sleep was always a guarantee. A mother, father and sister who did the best they could with what they had. We had traumas without a doubt and the truth is sometimes more and sometimes less than the neighbors. What made my life different than most was the reality that no matter what I did or how I did it, I was an outsider looking in. Without having an understanding of who, and what I was my life was surrounded by self inflicted chaos and deceit. I spent the vast majority of my youth believing I had a multiple personality disorder of course back then I didn’t know what it was called. Insane crazy or crazy insane didn’t matter what you wanted to call it. There I was a nut trying to live in a way that no one could see the turmoil I was constantly in.  

People tell me now how lucky I am to see what I see and feel what I feel. There is defiantly a reality to that statement but as a child it wasn’t a gift, it was a nightmare that lived inside me day and night, asleep or awake it didn’t matter. I have read for a many a person that enjoys their peace and quiet time, just alone them and their thoughts. I wish I could tell you that I understand what that feels like but the truth is I have never been alone for even a moment. Never has there not been a voice, or voices wanting answers or acknowledgement in some shape or form. As a child no time ever existed without fear gripping my soul with no offering of peace. No clear cut understanding as to why I was the way I was. Oh my family tried to fix this, there is no doubt, but how does one explain something they know nothing about?  We tried group homes, different schools even church to find a fit, the biggest struggle was that I couldn’t tell anyone what I was really going through, so they were left to see the aftermath of my confusion by me rebelling and refusing to accept anything. There were times when it was believed I was selfish and without guilt of course this was not true, but I would allow no one in to see what was really happening to me. It was inevitable for me to leave and venture on my own at an early age. So at 16 I ran away to try to find a place to hide.

  Eventually, I came home and tried to make a fresh start. I newly married to an abusive man and being under the belief, I was not able to have children my roller coaster world continued to spin out of control. However, a gift was to come my way, the doctors were wrong a mom was what I was to become. A beautiful gift that I believe god sent to me, the one and only thing that could have the ability to set my soul free. Wanting more for her than what I could give forced me to find out who, and what I was and how I was meant to live  In my desperate search, I did what I never though I would do. I went to see a psychic in hope of guidance and direction. She was not prepared to give me a reading but instead made things clear for the first time in my life by telling me clairvoyance was my gift and to share it with all that, I could. This created hope for me in a world that there never was. My life finally had meaning and purpose without fully knowing how or why. I went home to my daughter and have been working as a clairvoyant ever since.

  Believing that was not enough I went after psychology and theology to better assist others and also started teaching. Now many years later, 6 beautiful children, married and in love. I found my purpose and in doing so also discovered many people do not know theirs. I have had the pleasure of owning my own store and being a teacher with a course I have created solely on what I have learned. I work with people from all over the world, solve cases and work in T.V. radio and newspapers. I have discovered my fun has only begun and enjoy doing seminars where I answer psychic questions live and teach you how to make all your dreams come true with manifestation and faith.  Over the years, I have discovered many things. Like most people who have become good at what they do I allowed my ego to get in the way but some humbling experiences and clients that keep me on my toes have taught me to love every moment and be thankful for everything that I have. I have also had the pleasure of discovering I am no different than anyone else and as much as what I do is a gift from god, it is no different than anyone else. We are all here to learn, teach, and share and that is what I get to do all the time so yes my childhood was difficult, and I have made a lot of mistakes and probably still will, but I love my life and am aware of my strengths as well as my limitations.  

Clairvoyance and psychic are not mystical or new age, it is the ability to use a portion of your brain that most people have blocked. I do my work using my subconscious and universal knowledge. I am no different than anyone else. You will never hear from me that I channel arch Angel Michael nor will you hear I have a direct link to god my staircase that takes me to him is no longer or shorter than yours. My goal in my career is to take the “mystic” out of mystical and help insure an understanding from the Universe that we are here to learn and grow in order to achieve our higher state of being. God, universe or Kermit the frog, doesn’t matter what you want to call it. Belief comes in many ways there no right or wrong way. My job is guidance and my tool is the Universe".

-Kjarlune Rae