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6th Sense

Everyone is Intuitive!

Born with a feeling or a 6th sense alerting you to what is really going on around you if you listen and can understand.

We all come here with a purpose, a divine goal.

Healers, Preachers, Teachers, Guides. Each and every person on earth fits into one or more of these categories. But few understand that in order to find your purpose, to be open to your divine goal you must first become one with the most important part of your soul. Your intuition. We all have it. Whether it is a feeling we get when we need it. or a pull of the stomach. Images in our head we are so used to yet don’t fully understand what they mean.

For some it comes through as night terrors as children, or an overly sensitive side that when not used as intended becomes a anxiety disorder. Feelings, thoughts, visions, emotions, senses we all have them. But what are we supposed to do with them?

Not everyone was born to be psychic but everyone was born with psychic ability.

6th Sense is for everyone. Taught by Canada’s Top Clairvoyant who has been teaching Developing intuition for 30 years. With well over 30 trained psychic, healing practitioners under her belt as well as thousands of students who have learned how to develop their intuition to achieve their own goals in career and personal life.

With the world becoming so much more in tune to energy and emotions.So many em paths being born it was time to extend her teaching globally.

In this program you will learn everything there is to know about intuition and divining tools.

Numerology, tarot cards, em path building, reading and understanding energy, opening your senses, colors, crystals, channeling, communicating with loved ones past on, spirit guide communication, remote viewing, everything and anything you can possibly imagine to do with intuition you will learn with Kjarlune Rae. Whether it is for fun or for certification you will grow and develop in this program.

Fun and challenges exercises to do with your kids, friends, spouses and your self to connect to every part of your soul.

Kjarlune Rae will be bringing in healers to teach programs like Cranial Sacral, Reiki, energy work and more.

Develop your intuition with Kjarlune Rae.

Once a month live classes, video classes,audio lessons, certification, open forum learning through this program.

This program is open to everyone. For the last 30 years KJ has only taken on limited students by invitation only for the expressed purpose of developing intuition as a career. After yeas of teaching and creating programs KJ has opened the door for everyone to develop their intuition, to become the best them and to gain a confidence in what has been made to be so mystical over the years, because developing your intuition changes your life.


Course Testimonials

“I have always felt that there was a better, more enlightened way to approach life. The insights, love and light that have been shared during KJ’s classes proved that I was right. I love being a part of these classes and hate to miss even one. Thanks Kjarlune!”

-Kathy Wagner

This isn’t about being “new-agey” or talking about unicorns or dancing naked in the woods. These are real skills that you can use to improve yourself and your life. It’s not just your job, or just your marriage, but all 360 degrees of your life.

-John B

Kjarlune is wonderfully loving and nurturing, which comes through in her teaching style. Her direct, honest and straight forward approach dispels myth’s and preconceived notions of what intuition is and gives a new understanding about the world surrounding us. What I find most valuable about Kjarlune’s class is not just the lessons but also the environment she creates. Her love for her students breeds love for one another creating a warm, inviting and trusting atmosphere. Meeting other like-minded students and having a mentor has been a rewarding and enriching experience that will forever impact my life. Lots of love,

-Michelle Wong

I have been involved with the intuition class for almost a year, and I love it! Kjarlune’s use of direct instruction, personal anecdotes and humor make the teachings practical, easy to understand and useful, not only for developing my own intuition but for applying to my daily life. I feel that in addition to the benefits I have received from attending these classes, those in my life have too. I highly recommend them.

-Michele G I’ve been attending KJ’s intuition class for about a year and a half. Even though for a very long time I questioned the logic of why exactly I was invited to join the class (as I didn’t see any abilities in myself that could be developed), over time I noticed that I also can read Tarot cards, use a pendulum, do past life morphing, and increase my general level of awareness, visualize, view things, places and people remotely. KJ finds a way to speak to everybody and can find the right way to get through to even most hardcore sceptics. I can state confidently that my intuitive powers are growing and serving me in my daily life. Thank you KJ


Being part of Kjarlune’s intuition class has been life changing. I’ve gone from being a cancer victim to a cancer survivor. People in class have become my family. Learning about intuition and understanding that each and everyone of us has this gift has not only made life better I think it has made my life easier. Kjarlune has taught us that intuition is something to embrace not to run from. My perspective on life has changed for the better and feel very privileged to be a part of this amazing class.

-Michelle B

Intuition isn’t something you learn. You are already connected to it. An intuitive teacher helps you clear any ‘rustiness’ in that connection. Good intuitive teachers are fully connected to “source” and possess great clarity. These essential teaching qualities ensure you are getting the lessons you need as a student. Kjarlune Rae is one of those teachers.


Kjarlune’s intuition class is a place where it feels comfortable and right to open my mind and heart. A place that feels at home with people I can grow together with and consider family. Being in class has transformed my life over the last few years to something I could have only dreamed of. It gave me the courage to travel around the world and find my true self. Some of the transformation came from a gentle encouraging to awaken that person I always thought I was and some had to do with a kick in the butt in the right direction. It has given me the tools, I needed to turn my life into a brighter more positive light and bring the real me out. Class is something I always look forward to. KJs intuition class has so much do with intuition and energy work but also balanced with manifesting what is right for each person there.


I love the intuition classes. I’ve been attending for years (literally) and still manage to learn something every time I attend. Kjarlune keeps classes interesting and fun. She’s amazing. Thanks KJ.

-Pat Sullivan

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